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Post Shore

Post Shore

Heavy Duty Post Shore Heavy Duty Post Shore provides the contractor with a safe, light weight, high capacity, easier to use Post Shore. Heavy Duty Post Shore has a much greater capacity than average 20kN Euro type shores. This allows more space between the posts to open up areas that are normally blocked up with shoring equipment.

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The drift pin can be released with a single hammer blow, automatically lowering the prop by 3/8 in. (9.5mm). Removal has never been faster or easier. And the integrated pin retainer means that it can never be lost or misplaced.
To ensure maximum strength and reduce costs, our post shore is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel a more durable and corrosion resistant material than pre-galvanized steel or wooden post shores.

Description Material kg Article No.
Post Shore 1.80-3.00m Q345 23.40 SP1800 3000
Post Shore 2.03-3.50m Q345 26.10 SP2030 3500
Post Shore 2.64-3.96m Q345 28.90 SP2640 3960
Post Shore 3.25-4.87m Q345 34.30 SP3250 4870


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